Trending Summer Shoe Ideas For Women You Must Have

Trending Summer Shoe Ideas For Women You Must Have

What should we be looking for in shoes for the Summer of 2020? Well, it would seem that this summer is one for small details in the shoe and sandal design. We can feast our eyes on a real shoe carnival. There is a great variety of styles for summer available, so looking fashionable and stylish does not mean wearing the same styles as everyone else.

The big designers are using a lot of strappy shoes, but strappy shoes with a difference. There is a tendency towards small details; straps are more creative than usual, while shoelaces and ropes are being used for a more creative and interesting effect.

If shoelaces and rope are a step too far for you, then there is what I think is an even more attractive alternative fabric straps. These can create a really feminine look, especially when they are in a fun and colorful prints, matching the shoe. Printed shoes add a splash of color to our outfit, but are not as limiting as one color shoes. Many designers are using bows this summer; this is another of the easiest ways to add a feminine touch. Something else new is the combination of wedgies and flatties – the ‘flatforms’. They give you some overall height but are not as uncomfortable as some wedgies and high heels can be.

For formal shoes, the little black sandal has a lot of added feminine details, for example, the bows, in flirty lace, or sumptuous silk. The ever-popular sequins can give an elegant but feminine touch to an evening outfit. When we are looking into the fascinating realms of this summer’s shoes, we should always remember of course the basics for our feet and legs. Pampering your feet is essential for that smooth summer look and so should be done quite frequently. Many women only get a pedicure in the summer months, because that is when the feet are most on show. However, pedicures can be expensive and there have been a lot of hygiene warnings about shared facilities lately.

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